French Scrambled eggs with asparagus

French Scrambled eggs with asparagus are often proposed in Paris brasserie (French typical restaurant). Take advantage now of this spring vegetable diuretic and full of vitamins! For this recipe, choose preferably eggs from chickens raised in the open air.

Ingredients for French scrambled eggs with asparagus

  • 12 white asparagus
  • 8 eggs
  • 20 g butter
  • 10 cl of fresh cream
  • Salt
  • Chiselled Chives

Preparation of asparagus

Cut the base of your asparagus about 2 cm and then peel them with a saver (from the point to the base). Wash them and tie them in bundles with cooking string so as not to break the spikes.

Dip the asparagus into a large volume of salted boiling water.

Let them cook for about 20 min and check the cooking using the tip of a knife.

To keep their color, refresh them immediately in ice water and drain them.

Cut them in half, keep the tips and slice the tails.

Book it now.

Preparation of the scrambled eggs

To be certain of succeeding, they must be cooked slowly … and for this reason nothing like cooking in a bain-marie!

In a bowl, break the eggs and beat them into an omelette. Add the crème fraîche and mix again. Season with salt.

In a container placed on a bain-marie, melt the butter cut into small pieces then pour the eggs there. Stir gently with a wooden spatula until they thicken and become creamy.

Remove the container from the bain-marie, add the asparagus slices and the chives and mix again.

Place the French scrambled eggs in small ramekins and serve with the asparagus tips.

Bon appétit !

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French scrambled eggs recipe
French scrambled eggs recipe

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