Our story

Homemade food and homemade cakes have been a big part of my childhood memories.

After a meal, for a birthday or any family gathering there was always a good cake: Home made with love and simple and good ingredients to be shared. Most of my childhood memories center on cooking and time spent in the kitchen with family. My family had a big garden full of fruits and vegetables where we could pick fresh food to cook our meals.

Preparing and eating delicious foods are among life’s great joys. 


Now I love to cook with the best ingredients. I have immense pleasure in preparing a good cake: weighing the right amount of sugar, choosing the best chocolate, finding the best combination of ingredients for the best result. But the greatest pleasure is to see others sincerely enjoying what I have prepared for them. Nothing makes me happier when my picky eater daughter wants more of my chocolate lava cake. 

Eating is a moment to be shared with your loved ones.

 When I moved to Texas from Paris in 2017, I soon realized one thing: French cooking was getting a bad rap. As soon as a new neighbor would find out I was a cook, they would express their love for French cuisine but bemoan the complicated recipes. In response, I launched My French Recipe.

In my kitchen I only use good quality ingredients, simple and honest. Arriving in the US, it was more difficult to find simple ingredients. Too sweet, poor quality chocolate, processed flour, too many chemicals, dyes, additives, etc. I was frustrated and disappointed with the food I bought. Even when it was supposed to be a French recipe or imported from France. It took me time to be able to re create the authentic taste of my favorite cakes. I had to find the right ingredients, one by one. 

Once I got them right, I was able to make them again. Chocolate lava cake, moist madeleines, buttery pound cake, Crepes, and iconic macarons. As I want everybody to be able to create this satisfying feeling of making a delicious cake, and share it with the loved ones I created My French Recipe, the French baking mixes. 


I want to offer a solution to all foodies like me who have little time to find good ingredients and even less time to cook, but still want a delicious home made cake for them and their family.

With a real taste of home made, but simpler and faster.

Isabel, hungry founder of My French Recipe.

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