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Spice Up Your Corporate Event with a Flavorful Twist!

Are you looking to infuse your corporate event with excitement and team spirit? Look no further! My French Recipe presents an array of engaging and fun-filled corporate events tailored to bring your team together in a unique culinary experience.

Discover the Delightful Possibilities: What to Expect

Step out of the office and into a world of culinary wonders! Our corporate events offer a refreshing change of pace, where you and your team can bond over the joy of cooking. Led by our skilled chefs, you'll embark on a 2 to 3-hour journey of creating delectable dishes, all while immersing yourselves in a cool and enjoyable atmosphere. We provide soft drinks, and you're welcome to bring your favorite beverages to add to the fun.



Choose Your Culinary Adventure: Three Tempting Options

  1. Macarons Corporate Class: Test your team's baking prowess with this tantalizing challenge! Our chefs will guide you through the secrets of mastering the iconic French macarons. Your guests will leave with their masterpieces and a handy recipe booklet to recreate the magic at home.

  2. Crêpes Corporate Class: Get ready for a laughter-filled, interactive experience! In this class, your team will learn to make savory and sweet crepes from scratch, experimenting with various fillings and toppings. And the highlight? A thrilling crepe flipping contest that's sure to add a dash of excitement to the day!

  3. 3-Course Meal Corporate Class: Experience the essence of Parisian indulgence! Our Bistro Menu will bring your team together as they prepare a full, delicious meal from scratch. Guided by our seasoned chefs, your team will cook, laugh, and bond in a collaborative and supportive environment, savoring the rewards of their labor over a sumptuous 3-course feast.

  4. Competition Challenge - Technic & Creativity are on the menu. Would you like to add a bit of competition ? Embark on an exciting team-building adventure in our kitchen cooking studio. Throughout this thrilling experience, you will be supervised and guided by our expert chefs.



    Choose the Perfect Fit: Tailored for Your Team

    Whether you have a small or large team, our corporate events accommodate your needs:

    • Minimum 8 people, up to 25 guests, for an intimate or grand experience.
    • Indulge in a 2.5 to 3-hour class, the perfect duration for an engaging and memorable event.

    Savor the Extras: Included with the Class

    We make sure your experience is top-notch with added perks:

      • A warm welcome with a charcuterie board to set the tone.
      • Soft drinks provided, and you can bring your favorite beverages to elevate the celebration.
      • All necessary tools, ingredients, and aprons are supplied, so you can focus on having fun.
      • Take home a recipe booklet to treasure the delicious memories and recreate the dishes at will.

    Online classes are also available!


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