Material to succeed with macarons!

French macaron recipe is quite easy. Most of the time, people who don’t succeed with macarons don’t have the suitable material.

So before you try to make French macarons, be sure to have all the proper tools.


silicon spatulaSilicon Spatula $7

It is THE tool to “macaronner” (It means to mix in a specific way the macaron, go to the macaron recipe to have explanations.)


blenderA blender $30

To make the shells of your macarons smooth, the mixture of almond flour / powdered sugar must be very fine. So you’ll need to blend them before using.

If you use our macaron baking mixes, you don’t need to mix your dry ingredients.


Electrical scaleElectrical scale $12,50

When it comes to pastry you have to be very precise! Even more with macarons, which are very sensitives beauties!



strainerA strainer $8

After blending your mix of powdered sugar and almond flour, you’ll have to sift them together so you take off all the big part of almond remaining.



hand mixerHand mixer $12

To beat the eggs white stiff to pick. You can use a robot if you ave one. But a hand mixer (this is what I use) is enough and much more cheaper than a kitchenaid.



Pastry bags Pastry bags $13,50 for 100 units

The pastry bags will both serve to dress your macarons on the plate and to garnish them with their filling.




Plain pastry tips Plain pastry tips $7.95 

With the pastry bags you’ll need the pastry tips. For macarons shells, use a tips between 0,3 and 0,4 inches. You can buy the pastry tips directly on We chose these one because they are professional and perfect for macarons.



Silicon Baking mat for macaronsSilicon Baking mat for macarons $12

The baking mat will help you to have regular macaron sizes thanks to the template. I like this one, because you have hearts template to make love macarons!

Or you can also use parchment paper. With some practice, the circles on the mat will not be necessary for you to make regular macarons.


Baking sheets 2 Baking sheets  $20

Where you will put your silicon baking mat.

Imagining that you have nothing to cook (which I doubt ;)) you’ll have to have this material if you want to be sure to make good and nice macarons.


food coloring for macarons-my french recipe


 Food coloring  : $16

If you want to add a nice color to your macaron shells. But be careful, not all the food coloring are good with macarons. Some of them change the texture of your batter, and that’s not good! These one are great, we love to work with this brand.





Ready to start? Here is a video of the recipe + a video for the French macarons.


If you are in Dallas area, we offer Macaron cooking class in Plano (Click)


succeed with macarons get the good cooking tools - my french recipe