Macaron baking mix

YOUR ICONIC FRENCH PASTRY: Macarons are the iconic French pastry. Make your own beautiful and delicious French macarons and dive into authentic French flavors thanks to our baking mix. Crunchy outside and chewy inside, this is how we make macaron in France! No additives. No preservatives. Only natural ingredients.
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Eeasy, Fast & Delicious

- Naturally gluten free treat

- Made with the best almond flour from California

- Made with love in Texas, the French way!

- Makes about 40 macarons

From your pantry you will need

  • 2 medium egg whites (65g)
  • Filling for the macaron shells (Check our recipes)
  • Material you will need:
  • Silicone spatula
  • Plain pastry tip (About 1/4")
  • Pastry bag


Ingredients (Only real and simple ingredients)

Powdered Sugar, Almond Flour, and granulated Sugar.
Contains almonds.