Macaron Mat Silicon

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Do you love making macarons? These popular cookies can be expensive to buy, but you can now make them right in the comfort of your kitchen, if you have the right tools. This 15.75x11.8" macaron mat is a perfect solution to help make piping your macarons easier than ever. The silicone, nonstick macaron mat features 44 macaron marks. These marks are used to help you ensure that your batter is perfectly piped in uniform shapes and sizes.
Making macarons that are the same size can often be a challenge. However, when you have this macaron mat, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever thanks to the perfectly separated markings. Save time and frustration when you choose to use the mat.
  • Helps make perfect macarons
  • Inner marks: 0.6”
  • Outer marks: 1.4”
  • Length: 15.75”
  • Width: 11.8”   

• Wash by hand or put it right into the dishwasher
• Use with a baking sheet for support
• Suitable for freezing and oven cooking from -40F to 440F