Baguette tray - For 2 baguettes

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Elevate your baking experience with the De Buyer Baguette Tray, designed for perfection in creating two impeccable baguettes. Crafted from nonstick steel, this tray features two wells that facilitate efficient side-by-side baking, ensuring your bread emerges crispy and golden every time. The strategically placed perforations guarantee optimal air conduction and moisture elimination, contributing to the ideal baguette texture.

Fashion your dough into two baguettes, place them in the tray, and let the magic unfold. The steel construction ensures even heat distribution for a flawlessly crusty exterior. With extended edges for easy handling, inserting and removing the tray from the oven is a breeze.

Rooted in the rich tradition of French culinary artistry, De Buyer is committed to delivering premium kitchen accessories, pastry equipment, and cooking utensils. These Baguette Tray showcases dedication to innovation, meeting the needs of both culinary professionals and passionate home cooks alike. Elevate your baking game with De Buyer's exceptional quality and craftsmanship.