French macaron video tutorial : Baking French macarons like a pro!

Our French macaron video tutorial is perfect to help you making your first French macarons like a pro (Or like a French 😉 )

My French Recipe has been teaching the art of making French macarons to hundreds of people in our macaron baking classes of Dallas.

So we know that when it comes to make them at home, a little reminder is always welcomed! This is why we have created this video tutorial to help you with the French macarons recipe step by step.

Before you start making your macarons, be sure to have all the tools necessary to make your macarons. And all the ingredients.

French macaron video tutorial:

Ingredients for 20 French macarons

#1 French macaron video Tutorial: Make the perfect French Meringue

The tools for the French meringue:

Start to mix on low speed. When the egg whites are starting to foam add the granulated sugar slowly. Mix until stiff to pick. If you want you can add 2 drops of food coloring. You really need to be careful with the kind of food coloring you use. They are not all good for macarons.

#2 Tutorial French macaron : The perfect macaronnage

The tools for the macaronnage:

Add all the baking mix into the egg whites. Start to mix slowly, like we do in the video. At the beginning it’s very dry, it’s normal. In a few minutes, the texture is going to change. Stop the macaronnage when you have the same texture as in the video.

#3 Tutorial French macaron : Fill your pastry bag

The tools to fill your pastry bag

Put the pastry tip inside the pastry bag. Pour all the batter.

#4 Tutorial French macaron : Piping your French macarons

The tools to fill your pastry bag

Open the pastry bag with scissors. In a sheet pan coated with your silicon mat, you can start to pipe your macarons. Keep your hand straights. Don’t move when you pipe, the batter is going to spread by itself.

When finished, let the macaron rest 15 min at room temperature. A thin crust is going to build up on the top. Bake at 300°F for 17 min.

Let cool before unsticking.

French macaron video tutorial- my french recipe
French macaron video tutorial – My French Recipe

Do you still some help to make your first macarons?

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