Tin Box with Chocolate squares - Maxim's De Paris

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Introducing an elegant metal pencil case with a brand-new red and gold design, housing 8 squares of pure cocoa butter chocolate. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white and dark marbled, or caramel-infused: 4 exquisite flavors to complement your tea or coffee, inviting you to rediscover the joy of a delectable square of chocolate. Uncover within this exquisite Maxim's pencil case 4 varieties of chocolate.

Embark on a tasting journey guided by the robustness of the dark chocolate square, the indulgence of the milk chocolate square with hazelnut fragments, the uniqueness of the marbled white and dark chocolate square, and finally, the sweetness of the milk chocolate square with caramel shards.

This petite pencil case is perfect for concluding your meals or elevating your afternoon tea.

The unveiling of the beautiful metal box design gives a fresh, new look to the iconic Maxim's pencil case!

If you seek to gift quality chocolate, this pencil case is the perfect choice! Beyond an exceptional treat, you're presenting a lovely keepsake that the recipient can repurpose as a genuine pencil case or storage box as they please.



Sugar,  Cocoa Paste,  Cocoa Butter,  Whole Milk Powder,  Cocoa Beans Pieces  (2.6%) , Grain Praline  (2%)  ( Sugar,  Roasted Almonds And Hazelnuts,  ),  Caramel Chips  (1.3%)  ( Sugar,  Glucose Syrup,  Fresh Cream  (Milk),  Salted Butter From Isigny A.O.P .   Skimmed Milk Powder,  Guérande Salt,  ),  Natural Vanilla Flavour,  Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin E476,  Flavour  (Milk),  Milk Chocolate: Cocoa 33% Minimum,  White Chocolate: Cocoa 28% Minimum,  Dark Chocolate: 70% Minimum