From ingredient to pleasure

I’ve been working hard on the contents of my future cookbook this week. After much thought to succeed in putting it on paper I finally have a first frame of the contents of the book.

Despite a fairly clear vision (at least in my head!) Of what I want to convey as a message in this book, I had a hard time writing it down in black and white. And to bring out a coherent content, in accordance with my desires.

Why This cooking Book

It all started because I wanted to share the kitchen as a pleasure and not just as a means of eating. My wish is to show that with simple ingredients but of quality, one can make an easy and convivial kitchen that gives real pleasures: pleasures of cooking, pleasures of pleasure, pleasure to share a meal with other people, that one Already loves or discovers.

Already in my childhood the family meals were moments of sharing. Every Sunday we either received or were invited. And we made real banquets worthy of the feasts of end of comics of Asterix and Obelix! In place of the boar it was pig, otherwise the rest was the same!

So I kept memories of very lively, very joyful meals!

The other common element of his meals was the food that was served. Simple things, made from the right ingredients. Most often the meat came from an uncle who raised his own pigs, the vegetables from my parents, all cooked by a cordon bleu haunt.

The mission of this book

That’s what I want to convey as a message with this book. Find real ingredients, just cook and share.

From ingredient to pleasure: My easy desserts recipes to share.

My book will be divided by theme. Each theme will be introduced with explanations to better choose its products.

  • Eggs: it is still the basis of sweet recipes, as well choose them.
  • Chocolate: I am a chocolate addict, but whether it is to chew or to cook I prefer the quality chocolate.
  • The spices: for they offer us beautiful variations and which they perfume divinely. (Vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, among my favorites)
  • The fruits: fresh, cooked, raw, organic, local or seasonal, there is something to lose his Latin not?
  • Children: then no, I do not eat them! But I’m preparing to taste home for my little Lou. It’s been a long time that we do not buy any industrial sweets and biscuits for Lou or for us anymore.

After each theme will be proposed simple and user-friendly recipes. These recipes must be greedy and without a headache! I leave the technical kitchen to the chefs. My kitchen is me the daily, it is the cooking of friends and family.

Next week

In the update of next week I will tell you about the person who will take care of the artistic part of the book, which will make of my texts and my photos a pretty gourmand book that will want to be devoured!

But still a little patience until next week. 😉

And if not, what do you think of my ideas? Thank you for letting me know if you like the concept!

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