Salam White 4 Cup Teapot 26oz

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Introducing the Salam 4 Cup Teapot with White Lid - a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality.

A harmonious blend of sturdiness and sophistication. Easy Maintenance: The porcelain body and infuser are dishwasher-safe, ensuring hassle-free cleaning. Avoid corrosive detergents, chlorine, or bleach for longevity. Microwave-Safe: Warm your tea without the bell or infuser in the microwave, for convenience and efficiency. Delicate Handling: The colored aluminum bell (Amethyst, Black, Bronze, and Zinc) requires gentle hand washing with a soft sponge. Avoid aggressive cleaning materials, chlorine, or bleach to preserve its vibrant beauty. Not for Heat Source: Never place the Salam teapot on a direct heat source (gas, ceramic hobs, etc.) to ensure its longevity.

Elevate your tea-time experience with the Salam 4 Cup Teapot, where timeless design meets modern convenience. Enjoy your favorite brews in style with this exquisite teapot that adds charm to any tea ritual.

  • Capacity: 4 cups
  • Volume: 0.7 liters
  • Height: 4.3 inches
  • Material: Aluminum & Porcelain