Who am I?

Isabel Mota, founder of My French Recipe

I’m just a french woman living in Texas and crazy about food.

I’m Isabel.

I juste arrived in Dallas. I come from Paris, France with my daughter and my husband.

I was born and raised in France, I’m French, and I’m passionate about french food.

Since we arrived in Texas, I’m very happy to discover local food with our new friends. I also try to prepare them french meals, so that they can travel with their senses and enjoy new flavors, like me with texan food.

And I’m very happy to do so. This is why I made this website and I created cooking classes. Now I can easily share with every one willing to discover french food, french recipes and french culture.

I’m passionated about every thing about food: cooking, finding good ingredients, baking, nutrition. Food is pleasure and should always be easy.


To check the public cooking classes, please go to the cooking classes planning.