Organic Dijon Mustard 100% Origin France 200G

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Elevate your taste experience with Mouyarde de Dijon, proudly presented by Pique Assiettes. Our Organic Dijon Mustard embodies the essence of French excellence, crafted with 100% French ingredients, including the finest mustard seeds.

In a commitment to sustainability, Pique-Assiettes collaborates with dedicated French farmers, establishing a robust supply chain for organic and French-grown mustard seeds. Cultivated by our partner farmers in the heart of France, these mustard seeds become the soul of our Organic Dijon Mustard.

Indulge in the bold and powerful flavor of our Organic Dijon Mustard—a spicy recipe. Through the age-old method of crushing ripe, swollen mustard seeds with a traditional millstone, we unleash their full power. Let your palate dance with delight as this mustard enhances the flavors of red or white meat, vegetables, and quiches.

Experience the authentic taste of France with Mouyarde de Dijon, where every jar tells a story of dedication, tradition, and culinary mastery.