What can we do for you ?

From recipe creation and photographs to strategy, let me help you communicating the best of you and your brand.

Consulting food isabel mota my french recipe


You need help with your strategy for your food company? I had several companies and worked with a lot of others. My only objective is to help you find your customers!




Food workshop dallas plano by Isabel Mota

Food workshop

For a team building event, in a fair or at home, for you and your friends, let me organize the best food workshop ever. Easy and fun are my main ingredients to success!




Documentary greece isabel mota my french recipe


I love food and I love traveling. I’m always passionated about discovering a new place, a new country and culinary specialities. I will make a documentary for you (Pictures and texts). I can publish this content on my website as well.




Writing blog isabel mota my french recipe


After many years of active blogging for my personal blog and for others company, I know about managing a blog and SEO best practice. I can help you engage with the rest of the world, writing and managing your company blog.




Recipe creation Isabel Mota

Recipe creation

From your products I can create uniques recipes you can use for your brand.

I provide you the recipe and the pictures, you can use them online or for print. I can publish them on http://myfrenchrecipe.com as well.



Food photography by Isabel Mota

Food Photography

What is more attractive than a nice and clear food photography? I take photographs for the web or for paper magazines.





Community management isabel mota my french recipe

Community management

From creating to engaging with your community, I can manage your social network online as well as in the real life, because your community isn’t only in Facebook right?