My French Diet cooking program

Studies show that overweight is linked to various diseases such as cancer.

Eating is vital. But there are different ways of eating. My French Diet cooking program is here to help you find a good way as well as good habits.

What is the French diet ?

The French diet is not a diet!

Have you ever wonder why French woman look so healthy? It is because they are not on a diet. The French Diet is a life style, not an other diet that will make you unhappy!

French people like to cook, take the time to eat together, spending a good and relaxing time while eating.

We also care of the quality of the ingredients we use, because we strongly believe that using good products is a way of feeding better our body and soul

A lifestyle, more than a diet

The French Diet is not a diet. You can eat whatever you want. The objective of this lifestyle is to cook various type of food, enjoy it slowly, and not forget to move! This is how you stay healthy and in a good shape.

You are what you eat.

So let’s be a fresh, home made dish, rather than fast food!

What to expect from this class

In this 1h30 new class, our French chef will teach you how to make 2 healthy and delicious French dishes. (Starter / main dish or main dish / dessert)

The objective is to learn how to cook delicious and healthy meal in a easy way.

Each class is an opportunity to share healthy tips together. In a relaxed, non judgmental ambiant we will cook with fresh and simple ingredient a main course and a dessert. Yes a dessert! Because if you want to stay healthy you need to enjoy your meals!

  • You will prepare everything from scratch while learning nutrition tips.
  • You will be able to make the recipes at home for you and your family.
  • You will enjoy big taste of your food and will leave with the recipes.

What you will learn

Basis of cooking and baking. How to replace some bad ingredients by healthy and delicious ones. How to read labels on food we buy. How to avoid processed food. How to replace sugar in sweet recipes.

Our cooking teacher Émilie

Emilie, our cooking teacher

Hello !

I’m Emilie. I’m really thrilled to work at My French Recipe and share my passion with you. It’s my pleasure to reveal you my food secrets about French cuisine.

When I grew up near Paris, France, my mother used to cook fresh products every day for the entire family. Later on, I continued to have good eating habits which helped me a lot to have a good life balance. To tell the truth, I really need to eat good food to feel happy! 

Yes, food is very very important for French people. That’s probably why we spend all that time at table!

So, when I had my 2 kids, I really understood that my mummy gave me a precious gift by transmitting her love of cooking. I read a lot about diet, eating balance, body needs and I apply that in my daily life. And that works! No need to restrict your body from goods things. No need to be hangry. It’s just a question of balance.

That’s why, we decided, at my French Recipe, to launch a special course entitled “My French Diet”. We are honored to share with you all our little simple tips to eat well and enjoy each meal without too much fat or sugar. The point is to balance proteins, starchy and vegetables. 

I guarantee you can eat simple meal, have a lot of pleasure and take care of your health in the same time.

So, we are waiting for you twice a month, at Tuesday lunch time, to prepare 2 delicious  courses and we’re looking forward to have you and share with you all what we know about French Cuisine.

I promise you, we’ll have a fun time together!

So, see you there!


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