French breakfast class

The sweet memory of butter croissants and chocolate croissants accompanied by a petit café at the counter of a brasserie

french breakfast cooking class croissant class
French breakfast

These unique buttery flavors only exist in France. And for good reason, the making of French viennoiseries requires patience and know-how.

But if you want to find this gourmet pleasure in Dallas, we invite you to our course dedicated to French breakfast.

From croissants and chocolate croissants, to famous pains aux raisins, brioches and apple turnovers, once a month, we invite you to have a French breakfast with us!

What to expect from our French breakfast class?

Making croissant for a french breakfast cooking class in Plano
Croissant making class

This class has 12 spots maximum. Students will work in groups of 2/3. All of our dishes are made from scratch and all of our classes are hands on! You will learn to make classics such as croissants with one of our French chefs. Each student will take home their creations, and a recipe card. Delicious coffee and orange juice are on us! Only paying students are allowed in the cuisine

Upcoming French breakfast cooking class

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