Couples cooking classes

Our monthly couples cooking class is a great way to surprise her/him! You need to try different things, to spend time together, learning new skills? Join us for our monthly couples cooking class!

In this 2 hours hands-on class, you will prepare from scratch your dinner: starters, main dish and dessert! Then we will eat together the fruit of our labor.

This class is offered by a French chef, so you are sure to have an authentic French experience, French accent included!

Each couple cooking class is a way to experience an authentic French meal in a friendly atmosphere. Every month, the class will have a new French destination. So let your tastebuds travel to Montmartre, the Champs Elysées, or to the beautiful French Provence.

Here are some examples of the menus we offer:

Menu 1 for couples cooking classes:

  • Hot goat cheese salad (Salade de chèvre chaud)
  • Filet mignon glazed with honey and soy sauce, and creamy parmesan polenta
  • Dark chocolate mousse

Menu 2 for couples cooking classes:

  • Pesto and French cheese on toast
  • Bourguignon beef (boeuf bourguignon)
  • French madeleines

The menu varies according to the season and to the chef cravings!

Listing of our upcoming couples cooking classes in Dallas / Plano area