About My French Recipe

My French Recipe’s aim is to show you that French cuisine is easy and fun.

Isabel Mota, Founder of My French Recipe

When Isabel Mota moved to Texas from Paris in 2017, she soon realized one thing: French cooking was getting a bad rap. As soon as a new neighbor would find out she was a cook, they would express their love for French cuisine but bemoan the complicated recipes. In response, Isabel launched My French Recipe Cooking School earlier this year centered on a simple mission: Teach people how simple and fun French cooking can be and build some common bonds in the process.  “Our goal is to show Americans that anyone can cook authentic French cuisine, regardless of skill level. It’s our way of sharing a bit of our culture here in Texas. And at the same time, we love to watch what a positive effect cooking together has on building community,” said Isabel. “Whether its parents and their children, couples, or groups of complete strangers. It’s hard not to form bonds while preparing and eating a delicious meal together.”   

Since launching My French Recipe, two other experienced home cookers – Émilie Malguy and Angélique Salingue – have joined the team to ensure the authenticity of the experience. All three have been cooking since childhood with their mothers and now with their own children with fresh ingredients grown in their families’ gardens. They stress how cooking from scratch can improve one’s overall wellness through healthier food choices, stronger relationships and self-confidence. 

 “So many of my childhood memories center on cooking and time spent in the kitchen with family. I still remember making my very pastry – a chocolate éclair – when I was around 10 and the immense pride and sense of accomplishment I felt,” said Isabel. “Preparing and eating delicious foods are among life’s great joys and we love see our students experience that firsthand.”

Angélique Salingue, Isabel Mota, Émilie Malguy, founding team of My French Recipe

Since then, My French Recipe launched in 2018 a range of authentic French baking mixes, with the founder’s favorite personal recipes.

With only 1 goal: keep it simple and delicious.

  • ONE BAKING MIX FOR TONS OF DIFFERENT RECIPES : Your imagination is your limit! Check our website for tons of different super easy recipes.
  • ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS – No additives or preservatives – No added flavor (because we don’t need to). All the flavors come only from our high quality ingredients.
  • CREATED BY AN EXPATRIATE FRENCH: To bring authentic French flavors in your kitchen.

“Eating is a moment to be shared, which is savored in every sense of the word. We wish everyone would cook! And most importantly, everyone wants to share this moment with other people. The beautiful stories, the beautiful encounters, the most sincere friendships and the most solid loves taste even better with beautiful and good things to eat!”

In our blog section, you will find tons of French recipes. We truly believe that food is to be shared, so this is the reason why we share there the recipes from our cooking classes.

We could not make it more authentic!