Adult cooking party (Private)

You would like to organize a private adult cooking party?  Or you just want to have fun cooking with some friends ?

Cooking parties for adults

In a friendly atmosphere, we will show you and your friends and family how to cook the perfect nice and delicious French recipes. Let your tastebuds travel to Paris!

For a family event, for a birthday or just for fun

There is always a cooking party for your personal events! Have a great time cooking with your friends and family.


Choose your theme package


  • 2 hours hands on class – Min of 6 people.
  • We bake macarons and the filling. Choose your flavor: Chocolate, caramel, lemon, raspberry, strawberry.
  • Macarons are made from scratch.
  • We fill the macarons with the ganache we prepared together.
  • Each of your guests will have a gift box of 6 macarons.
  • Includes: Tower of macarons for a yummy break. Choose 2 flavors, 2/3 macarons / person, organic apple juice & orange juice.
  • BYOB class.

No sugar desserts workshop

  • 2 hours hands on workshop – Min of 5 people
  • Cooking workshop to help you skip refined sugar.
  • We will introduce you to alternatives to refined sugar in sweet recipes and how to use them.
  • Choose 2 desserts to bake: Chocolate cake, crepes, cereal bars, raw chocolate brownie, fruit crumble, fruit tart)
  • BYOB class.

Pasta from scratch

  • 2 to 3 hours hands on class – Min of 5 people. Great cooking party for families and kids!
  • We make pasta from scratch: Preparing the dough and shaping it.
  • You and your friends and family will knead, cut and roll delicious pasta.
  • Choose your sauce: Pesto, tomato & basil, vodka sauce, bolognese.
  • Includes: A dessert (Choose 1 dessert: chocolate mousse, Chocolate fondant, Apple tart, blueberry French pound cake, crêpes, tiramisu), organic apple juice & orange juice.
  • BYOB class.

Small bites

  • 2 to 3 hours hands on class – Min of 5 people. Great cooking party for families and kids!
  • We cook from scratch 2 French appetizers, and 2 French treats.
  • Choose up to 4 small bites. Savory: Roasted Brie cheese, parmesan & olive cookies, cheese puff (gougères), mini tomato lollipops  – Sweet: chocolate mousse, coconut macaroon, cornflakes treat (rose des sables), meringues.
  • Includes: Organic apple juice & orange juice.
  • BYOB class.


  • 2 hours workshop – Min of 5 people.
  • Choose your pairing: Wine & cheese, cheese & chocolate, wine & chocolate.
  • We will explain you the concept of pairing.
  • Each product will be explained.
  • You will enjoy the different pairings.

Then let us care of everything. We take all the material to your home. All you need is a working oven.


Macarons: $80 / people

No sugar desserts: $80 / people

Pasta from scratch: $78 / people

Small bites: $75 / people

Pairing: $72 / people

+ $20 travel and material fee

Book your private cooking party now!

Contact us: (469) 605-4151 or by mail.


Because we use fresh & seasonal ingredients from local suppliers and farms, the menu will vary depending on what is available that day. We will send you the menu upon your booking. Please do let us know if you have any food allergies or preferences.







You wish to host a cooking class in Dallas, or North Dallas (Plano, carrolton, Richardson, Frisco, Allen) or others Dallas area please contact us at (469) 605-4151 or by mail.