About My French Recipe

My french recipe aim is to share all the french cuisine with people in Texas.  French gastronomy is so rich and diversified!

With myfrenchrecipe.com, our wish is to help you cook typical French dishes like boeuf bourguignon, or Macaroons and to give you tips to find the best ingredients and French products in Texas.

We want you to cook!!

The mission of this website is not only to promote french Food, but also to encourage people to cook!

Because we have less and less time to spend on complicated recipes, we chose to share simple recipes based on easy to find products.

We want to show that everyone can cook good products! That everyone can make a good dessert that will please his loved ones, will be good, beautiful and gourmet.

Eating is a moment to be shared, which is savored in every sense of the word. We wish everyone would cook! And most importantly, everyone wants to share this moment with other people. The beautiful stories, the beautiful encounters, the most sincere friendships and the most solid loves taste even better with beautiful and good things to eat!

Who is behind My French Recipe?

Isabel Mota, founder of My French Recipe

“I’m just a French woman living in Texas and crazy about food.

I’m Isabel.

I arrived in Dallas in early 2017. I come from Paris, France with my daughter and my husband.

I was born and raised in France, I’m French, and I’m passionate about French food.

Since we arrived in Texas, I’ve been very happy to discover local food with our friends. I also cook them French meals, so that they can travel with their senses and enjoy new flavors, like me with Texan food.

And I’m very happy to do so. This is why I made this website and I’ve created the first French cooking classes in Texas. Now I can easily share with every one willing to discover French food, French recipes and French culture.

I also created the first range of French baking mixes. Made with 100% natural ingredients and very easy to cook. Just add to our baking mixes, butter, milk and eggs to make in a few moments a chocolate fondant, French crêpes, French macarons or even a delicious French pound cake.

I’m passionated about every thing about food: cooking, finding good ingredients, baking, nutrition. Food is pleasure and should always be easy.”

Isabel MOTA

Founder of My French Recipe