You love the real French macaron?

Let me show you that you can bake them like a chef too.

When I arrived to the USA, I cooked a lot of french food for our friends. I also started a french cooking class because I wanted to bring the good and easy french food here.

During these cooking classes, I realized that people love french food but they also think it’s complicated to cook. It’s true that you need to be precise cooking french food. I’m not a chef. I’ve never been to cooking school. So if I can cook french macarons, french financiers, chocolate fondants, soufflés or crêpes, anybody can do it, right?

With a little help, you can cook whatever you like to cook and eat!

When I want to cook, I have my own recipes and tools. I know they work perfectly, even for beginners. And when I bake french macarons, I bake them the simplest way and have a perfect result.


I worked on my own easy recipes, and I only use them. I make my own baking mixes, I have a list of every tool necessary per recipe. That totally changed the way I cook.

The problem is, you don’t have the time to buy avery single ingredients for just one recipe, and after to cook it.

You need to buy this, and to buy that, oh and you forgot this. Way too complicated right?

So, I made the first macaron baking mix, to bake like a pro, with pro advices and pro ingredients.

It’s different from any other baking mix you’ve ever seen.

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My macaron baking mix gives you all you need.

  • Plain and clear explanation of all of the macaron’s secrets. (So you can bake, no matter your cooking skills)
  • The one and only recipe of french macaron shells you will use for ever.
  • No additives. No preservatives. Only natural ingredients.
  • Full explanation of the tools you will be using.
  • Professional ingredients.
  • Access to professional tools.

Macaron baking mix easy-My french recipe

This is the first and only perfect macaron baking mix. Don’t waste your time and money with expansive kit with amateur products. I’ve been personally baking french macarons for years and I will share with you all my secrets.

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