Sugar free cereals bars

In my obsession of sugar free recipes, I prepared cereal bars without sugar, but full of energy. This is the simplest no sugar recipe ever, that you can change according to your tastes.

Ingredients for about 6 cereal bars without sugar

  • 100 g whole oat flakes
  • 2 bananas
  • 20g of dried raisins
  • 20g chopped pecan nuts

Preparation of sugar free cereal bars

Start by crushing the bananas. Mix with oatmeal, dried raisins and pecan nuts.

Line up a pan of baking paper. Place a layer of dough about 2 cm. Toss well with a spoon.

Bake for 40 minutes at 350 ° F.

Let cool and cut out bars using a knife.

Conservation of sugar free cereal bars

Once cut, wrap the cereal bars in a film / laundry. Leave in a cool place for longer storage. You can slide a bar into your bag before going to work to be able to eat it in the day.

Like me, you are obsessed with sugar-free recipes? Try this chocolate cake without added sugar, delicious!

Why sugar free recipes

I will give you a more detailed article, but I decided to slow down on the sugar whenever possible. Since almost all the desserts we eat are homemade, I work on alternatives to sugar.

Classic sugar is the cause of many health problems. It accelerates aging, promotes cardiovascular disease. And it makes us addicted, the more we eat sugar, the more we want to eat.

In many cake recipes, it can easily be replaced with dates, apple juice, apple sauce or honey. Why not do it when you know all the vitamins brought to us by dates, for example? For some recipes of traditional pastry, like French macaron it is more complicated, and I do not plan to revolutionize my recipe with dates instead of icing sugar ^^ But some of my chocolate cake recipes remains delicious without sugar, so why not?

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