Raspberry Champagne

This cocktail of raspberry champagne will bring a festive note to your Christmas dinner or for a romantic moment! This raspberry champagne cocktail recipe is simple. It looks like a kind of kir with raspberry, lighter. A cocktail to do for a romantic evening. To make this cocktail, you have to choose your champagne. You can also take a good cremant from Alsace, according to me as well as champagne.

Ingredients for the raspberry champagne

  • Champagne (French of course)
  • 1 cup (250 mL) raspberries

It would be just perfect if you take fresh raspberries!

Preparation of raspberry champagne

Mix the raspberries and then filter the juice obtained with a colander to remove the seeds.

Pour the mixed raspberries into the bottom of the flutes and add the fresh champagne.

Serve immediately. To drink in moderation. Or not 😉

If you prepare this raspberry champagne for a special evening, you can accompany it with French appetizers.

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