My first cookbook

To all those who ask me what I am doing since arriving in the United States, knowing that I can not work because I have to wait for the arrival of my work permit. It is not that nothing happens under the sun of Dallas, on the contrary!

In France, before leaving, I was independent. I was marketing and communication for food companies mainly.

Chance always makes things right!

To take advantage of the time I have before receiving this work permit, I wanted to train myself, to set up new projects. I started to follow a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). To summarize, it’s a video training. Maybe it will make you laugh, but one of my regrets in choosing my studies is not to have made a “big” school. (Mine was very good nevertheless eh) So I went to see what HEC offered via the site Coursera. Chance doing things very well, and life offering you opportunities at the right time, training on leadership would just begin in a few days.

This training aims to improve the quality of relationships between people despite their differences of opinion. This allows for better team leadership. And that, we talk about professional, friendly or family environment. The idea is to overcome difficult situations with a capacity to bounce and “sail between the torrents”.

I chose to take this training because I would like to work on the quality of the exchanges with the people around me. One can even say that this is one of my weak points. As part of this MOOC, I have to choose a personal challenge. Something I’d like to see happen. Chance always doing things very well at the moment, in parallel I was rehearsing an old idea. A project that has been in my head since the beginning of the blog. Who is coming, and who comes back every time.

Writing a recipe book.

The timing is ideal. It is this book project that will be my personal challenge as part of my training.

I am a great enthusiast of food. I love everything that revolves around food. From dietetics (I almost reconverted myself as a dietician but there were problems of equivalence between France and the United States), design, photography, creation, recipes, cooking, trying new food or new restaurants, find super products and super producers. In short I am only food!

I am therefore very excited about this project which will occupy a good part of my days for the next months. And since it is only the continuity of this blog, all the stages of its creation will be shared here. This will also allow me to implement my ongoing training which otherwise is incredibly fulfilling. (Carrying a personal project all that stuff) The good news is that you have not missed anything yet, I’m just starting to work on it.

My Cookbook

My first cookbook will be a cookbook but not only that. The food I like is simple, honest and good. And it is always friendly. That’s what I’m going to pass on through this book. I want to make a cookbook that makes people want to connect, link and share. All recipes will be built on these values: simplicity, sharing, gluttony.

Follow my crazy crazy book project

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