Heart-shaped Chocolate & Raspberry Macaron Baking Kit


All the essentials needed to make homemade heart-shaped Raspberry and Chocolate macarons! The French macaron is already perfect with its tender-yet-chewy texture, but when filled with this chocolate raspberry ganache, it's sublime. The tartness of the raspberry meets the rich, semi-sweet notes of the Belgian chocolate for a unbeatable flavor.


Super Simple: Follow the straight-forward steps to bake your way to macaron magic!

Hand-Picked Ingredients: High-quality almond flour sourced from California and culinary-grade chocolate imported from Belgium.


Kit Includes:

1 Reusable Pastry Bag 15"
1 Reusable Pastry Tip #803
Belgian Dark Chocolate Chips
Red Powder Food Coloring
1 Macaron Mix
1 Heart Template (for piping macarons)
1 Recipe Card


Makes 20 macarons (40 shells) filled with a raspberry jam-infused chocolate ganache.


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- Naturally gluten-free treat.

- Perfectly customizable.

- Made with the best almond flour from California.

- Made with love in Texas, the French way!

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  • 2 medium egg whites (65g)
  • 1/3 C Raspberry jam (100g)
  • 1 tbsp butter

And voilà!