After school program: cooking classes

Thinking about adding cooking classes to your after school program?

After school program cooking classes plano

We created this after school program to help kids being curious about food. My French Recipe can offer this service on your school premises.

In each class, we will learn a new cooking technique and apply it.

What we’ll do:

Each class is a great opportunity to learn new easy recipes. Children will learn to follow a recipe and will discover new flavors.

In the beginning of the class, we will focus on one technique, one ingredients or one cooking tool.

What your students will learn:

  • Basis of cooking and baking.
  • How to read labels on food we buy.
  • How to crack eggs.
  • How to beat eggs whites.
  • Kitchen safety
  • Cooking techniques
  • Recipes

Exemples of kids recipes:

  • Fresh home made pasta
  • Home made mayonnaise
  • How to cut vegetables
  • French baguette

You want some information on our after school program?

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My French Recipe already offers after school cooking classes there:

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