Easter Egg Tin Box Filled with Chocolate and Salted Caramel Bonbons

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Luxurious Easter

The famous Breton recipe of salted flower caramel is mixed with Maxim's milk chocolate to offer you a subtle and comforting chocolate within this egg. Let the fondant of the chocolate and the crunch of the caramel invade you.

Bring a touch of uniqueness and refinement to your table decoration with the magnificent Maxim's egg. Its unique and high quality design will make it a tasteful object reminiscent of the Easter festivities. As a gift, this egg will delight. Indeed, the elegant golden reflections of the shell will make this egg an original Easter gift that will remain so for a long time.

After giving in to the delicacies that this egg hides under its shell, you can reuse it as many times as you like to hide your secrets, your jewellery or other Maxim's delicacies.

An exceptional egg

Looking for an original Easter egg? Tired of classic chocolate Easter eggs? Dare to be different and opt for Maxim's metal egg. Its new luxurious decoration will make it the king of Easter eggs, guaranteed effect.

During an egg hunt, young and old alike will be delighted to go in search of this special egg. Count on it to illuminate both your garden and your Easter celebrations.