Pairing event

Our team of experts offers tasting and pairing workshops. Enjoy the flavors of each pairing. Cheese, chocolate, wine, fresh fruit or spices, rediscover these dishes together like never before.

The pairing team building event is a real tastebuds awakening. Come live a convivial moment while discovering multiple varieties of gourmet pairings.

What’s to expect

Discover surprising harmony between different dishes. This activity is perfect for team cohesion. Your employees will share and chat in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

To gather people around the gastronomy, nothing better than a cheese platter with good wine! This friendly environment is quite exportable in the middle of the company to spend a good time with colleagues and promote the exchange around a good tasting. This workshop offers you good surprises for your taste buds and discoveries based on pairing. Enjoy a warm atmosphere to interact, debate, discuss business life and get to know the employees who drive business throughout the year.


The duration is usually 2 hours depending on the time you have.

  • 30 min: Guests arrive. Introduction to event program. Complimentary appetizers and soft drinks.
  • 45 min: Guest taste our different pairings, with explanations from our specialists.
  • 45 min: Tasting game in team
  • Event ends and guests depart.


Prices for our Tasting Workshop may vary based on guest count. Prices are based on a minimum of 10 guests. Prices start at $59 per person, depending on your guest count and the menu. Cost is all-inclusive: staff, ingredients, venue fee, party rentals, beverages, and service fee.

Contact us for details or customized proposal for your event. We also offer options: custom logo aprons, gifts, etc.

Our proposals are all-inclusive, but you can also add optional beverages or appetizers.

  • Chocolate & cheese pairing: Starts at $59
  • Wine & cheese (American) pairing: Starts at $69
  • Wine & chocolate pairing: Starts at $69
  • Wine, chocolate & cheese pairing: Starts $79
  • Bordeaux wine & cheese (French) pairing: Starts at $89


Choose your one pairing:

  • Chocolate & cheese
  • Wine & cheese (American)
  • Wine & chocolate
  • Wine, chocolate & cheese
  • Bordeaux wine & cheese (French)

Because we use fresh & seasonal ingredients from local suppliers and farms, the menu will vary depending on what is available that day. We will send you the menu upon your booking. Please do let us know if you have any food allergies or preferences.

Upon arrival, your guests are welcomed with our complimentary French appetizers and soft drinks.