Chocolate cream, french style

Because I can’t find french style chocolate cream, I started to cook my homemade chocolate cream. It’s really different from what I found at the supermarket, and I’m glad this is so easy to do!

I did find a Yoplait chocolate mousse. I chose thinking taking a French brand was the assurance of having a correct foam. Result, the texture almost correct (Admitting that it is the first time you eat chocolate mousse) was not enough to catch up with the non-existent taste of chocolate, and this undefinable after taste. It’s not that it’s different and that I have to adapt to a new taste. Let us be clear, the brown color of the mousse was certainly not from the little chocolate it contained but from a dye.

That’s how I came to make these chocolate creams.

I tested several recipes, one without baking, one with baking, but my chocolate and milk made 2 different layers so I ended up with a layer of chocolate, Then a layer of milk (Perfect texture by cons) And finally this recipe. The one I will never touch again because its texture is perfect. Firm and fondant with a good taste of chocolate. Like the french brand La laitière. Hmmmm so good!

The perfect recipe for my chocolate cream

Ingredients for about 8 chocolate creams

  • 100g of dark chocolate: I took 72% cocoa.
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh cream.
  • 1/2 l of milk: preferably semi-skimmed.
  • 2 eggs: Organic but especially outdoor, it goes without saying.
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar: I took sugar cane complete, but classic white sugar will go very well if you only have that.


You will need glass jars. You can either recycle the glass jars from the creams you buy in the supermarket. I use small baby glass pot to put the cream, it is the right size for a dessert and it allows me to reuse the little jars from Lou’s meals. And with the lid they will keep better.

Preparation of chocolate cream

Break the chocolate into a saucepan. Add the cream and melt gently. Add the milk gently by whisking so that the mixture is homogeneous.

Bring to a boil then turn off the heat. Let cool.

Whisk the 2 eggs with the sugar in a bowl for a few minutes.

Add the eggs to the chocolate mixture whisking. (Be careful, chocolate should not be too hot, that’s important!)

Arrange your small pots in a large baking dish. Add water to the dish, the cream pots in the chocolate eggs are cooked in a bain-marie in the oven.

Fill each of the small pots. Bake for 45 minutes at 180 °. (350° farenheit)

Let cool before putting in the fridge. To be tasted very fresh in case of chocolate craving;)

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