The hard work of food photographer

This week, I’m not going to show you anything concrete. But I’m going to touch on one aspect that seems easy enough, yet that seems to me the most difficult work in this whole project: Food photography.

Find a Photo Concept

The good news is that I know exactly what I want as a concept of photography. I know what angle, what atmosphere, I even started to write it down for each recipe so it will be not too hard to follow during my photo session.

The real difficulty is realization. I’m not a photographer, I have very little material. In all and for all, I have a reflex camera, some fabrics to make the bottoms and some plates.

So I had to start by making a list of what I needed for each photo. After a rough listing established, I went to hunt for bargains on the net. (Besides I have not done that good business ahah)

I found especially beautiful fabrics on the site and very beautiful plates at Ikea. Yes, I took Ikea dishes for my book, it is a cookbook accessible to everyone, for everyday cooking, so Ikea is well suited not?

As for the concept itself, I can only reveal a few elements: The photos will reflect a friendly atmosphere, love and sharing. For the rest, I want to keep the surprise.

Culinary photo making

Even though I have some notions of photography, I am far from being a professional photographer. Before going on to the realization (in ten days, as soon as I have received all the equipment and accessories), I will be able to begin the realization of the recipes and the photo shoot.

In order to prepare myself as best as possible and make the pictures that are closest to what I have in mind, I have watched a lot of my cookbooks, especially my latest book, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Fun with food, (Yes, we are talking about the main actress of Buffy, the vampire slayer) which is absolutely magnificent in terms of graphics and photo, I recommend.

Furthermore, I took a big look at this blog (In french sorry) about food photography, which is very very very good! Very accessible to novices like me. The pictures are wahou and the explanations clear. It would almost make me believe that it is too easy to make professional culinary pictures!

And last but not least, I will soon begin the videos. Same I’m a beginner in the field, we’ll be laughing !!!

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Thank you so much!!!

2 thoughts on “The hard work of food photographer

  • January 9, 2018 at 11:14 pm

    Food as a photographic subject must be one of the hardest to master and get good results. Well done.

    Cheers Sharon…


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