My cook book with a great collaboration

I am so happy with the turn of the cookbook project! Even if I am far from seeing the end (The important thing is not the destination, it is the journey if you see what I mean), things are connected quite naturally.

I wrote down the ideas and the concept, as well as the objective of this book, namely to make everyone eat better in the simplest way. The new great advance is the great collaboration on the artistic part with Camille Boidron, talented creative living in the south of France.

A friendship that started in the work

Camille and I met in our job about 5 years ago. We were all 2 employees in a digital communication agency in Paris, he was at the creation, I was at project management. We lived in the same building in the 19th district in Paris(Dedication to the rue de Crimée and the worst bakery in the world just downstairs !!). After our life as employees, we continued to work together regularly on different projects, very often around the food! (I’m ONLY food)

Camille Boidron, aka Cam’

After a year of road trip in Australia with his +1, he sets out to settle in the South for a little more sweet life.

On their return, he resumes his freelance life and we work together on different projects. For instance, he realized this infographic that I adore for Le Petit Carré de Chocolat. (French chocolate brand)

Infographic hot chocolate Le petit carré de chocolat

When I told him about my project, he immediately understood where I wanted to go and why I was doing this book.

It is therefore for my greatest happiness and for the happiness of your eyes, you who will read this book, that it has to take care of the artistic part.

For those who do not see what is behind the artistic part: understand the layout, so that the reading is pleasant, colors, design, integration of photos. Basically, its aim is to make even more beautiful what I am going to create.

A big thank you Camille for your confidence in this project that is so important to me.

See you next week for more news on the advance!

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